Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 2

  • Queen1
    John meets the Queen...
  • Queen2
    ...who tries to stay awake while John explains harmony theory. Carol Ann succumbs.
  • A trumpeter in the Meadows
    Don't walk in the Meadows at night - there's a trumpeter behind every tree!
  • Pinter-prize-social2
    Writer meets Musician - John chats to Melvyn Bragg at the Pinter Prize
    Photo by George Torode
  • 3estaites2-550
    Fourthe Estaite member plays The Thrie Estaites
  • Assembly-550
    Promoting the Assembly Rooms shows Pete Gordon-Smith, Brian Mulligan, John and Simpson Pirie
  • Cardinal-550
    A fanfare for the bishop - John as Bishop Wishart in Border Warfare for TV in 1989
  • Celticstory4-550
    Learning from the old pros in The Cetic Story
  • Dinnerparty1-550
    Two ballet composers relaxing at home! Gordon Dougal and John
  • Botanics3-550
    Diabolic doings in the Botanic Gardens
  • Fiona4th-550
    Fiona Kennedy tries not to laugh at Fourth Estaite's headgear
  • John2-550h
  • Play1-550
    Just a simple country lad
  • Rehearsal2-550
    Rehearsing for The Celtic Story in 1988 John, Steve Ketley, and Lesley Robertson
  • Shutterfalls-500
    With Anne Lannon in The Shutter Falls - 1984
  • Teacher1-550
    John with Fred Kelly, his trumpet teacher at Napier College
  • Afton4-550
    Evening cabaret in the Afton
  • Wigs-550
    The Wigs have it - The Border Warfare cast show off their coiffure
  • Singers-john-550
    A rehearsal of Marat Sade
  • John with artist Joyce Gunn Cairns
    John with artist Joyce Gunn Cairns