Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 4

  • Amc-0010-550h
    I'll never manage to twirl my moustache at this rate
  • Johnrec1-550h
  • Burgh-island-group-550
    Natural Party Animals - with Ralph and Dave of the Natural Theatre Company
  • Botanics4-550
    You never know what's hiding in the foliage at the Botanics
  • Amc-0068-550
  • Carol-ann-john2-550
    Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and John
  • Peribanez4-550
    Michael Nardoni asks if Michael O'Connor, John, and Robert Willox want a drink in Peribanez
  • Disturbances-028-550
    no Mr Bond, I expect you to die
  • Hanratty-john1-550
    Knights Hospitallers - Stuart Hanratty and John entertaining in hospitals
  • Johnintrunks-400h
    Proof that trumpet players are descended from fish! - The cheeky grin hasn't changed a bit
  • Makossa2-550
    Makossa at the Guildford Arms
  • Anti-poll-tax-550
    Thatcher's Children - the rebellious ones with the piercings! An anti-poll tax effort with a few famous theatrical faces
  • Alpenhorn1
    ok now how do I light it?
  • Patrick-550
    Orchestral manoeuvers - John with Patrick Siben of the Stuttgart Saloniker
  • Police-550h
    You'll never take me alive copper
  • Princess-blankets-2009-115-550
    The Princess' Blankets - with Ella Duffy and Carol Ann Duffy at the Netherbow in 2009
  • Glengarry-550
    John plays Jock, a sound engineer with a glengarry, in A Play a Pie and a Pint - with Johnny Bett
  • Pinter-prize-social1
    John with Jo Granville, Director of English Pen
    Photo by George Torode