Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 6

  • Feather-cap-450
    That's not a recorder... THIS is a recorder!
  • 4thestate3-550
    Three Mexican Revolutionaries - or maybe it's Fourth Estaite
  • Eric-550
    Bring me sunshine! John and Carol Ann with the statue of Eric Morcambe
  • Afton11-550
    Contrasting Expressions - Pat and John at the Afton
  • Afton13-550
    Do I get twice the fee for this?
  • Aftonjandr1-550
    Green grow the rushes oh - John with future MSP Robin Harper
  • Amc-0128-550
    Apple Turnover should always be a little underdone Madam! - John with Corinne Harris and Robert Williamson in Headless in Eden
  • Bathnat1-550
    You Are What You Eat - Natural Theatre production of Eat Me!
  • Botanics2-550
  • Cafe2-550
    Country Cowboys - Ranald McKechnie, Pete Baines and John at Cafe Grafitti in 1984
  • Ceticstory3-550
    Playing some Celtic music with David Anderson and Jimmy Logan
  • Pinter-prize-solo
    Sneaking a trumpet into the library - John at the Pinter Prize awards
    Photo by Scottie Anderson
  • Cor-jon-rob-550
    with Corinne Harris and Robert Pettigrew in Z-Studios
  • Cuba1-550
    Our Man in Havana - John shares a Churchillian moment with friendly Cuban locals
  • Fe44-550
    Psychedelic Folk - Fourthe Estaite playing The Servant of Twa Maisters at the Lyceum in 1977
  • Franz2-500
    A famous musician... and some guy from Franz Ferdinand! Jamming with the charming and down-to-earth Nick McCarthy at a birthday party for Bob Ross' father. Guitar, French Horn, Trumpet and Bagpipes is a combination you don't hear every day!
  • John-carolann-550
    Two born storytellers - John and Carol Ann Duffy
  • Patjohnafton1-550
    Do you think we'll get the parts in Casino Royale?
  • Whiteface1-550h
    About to go on - Scarlatti's Wedding - 1993 Tel Aviv