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Photo Gallery 7 - Traditional Instruments
Images by Colin Reid Craig


Bawu, a Chinese flute, is a free reed instrument with a single metal reed.

Vietnamese Flute

Vietnamese Flute. Decorated with mythical beasts inlayed in mother of pearl.

Tenor Gemshorn

Tenor Gemshorn. Gemshorn translates as Mountain Goat and they were played from around 1450 to 1600.

Soprano gemshorn

Soprano gemshorn


Cornett (Just one). Played throughout Europe from 1400 to the late 1600's as in Saxbutts and Cornetts.

2 Recorders

Playing two Recorders requires fine breath control - and a big mouth!


Bombard, widely used for traditional music in the Breton region of France, often in concert with bagpipes.
Donated by Ian Wishart


Shalmie Pipe from Berlin





Chinese Hulusi, a free reed instrument made of bamboo with a gourd wind chest.


Chinese Hulusi. The centre pipe has finger holes while the outer pipes are usually drones.


Xun, a Chinese globular flute. Such instruments have been in use for 7000 years.
Donated by composer Jerry Sterling


Sheng, one of the most ancient and revered Chinese instruments, said to resemble the shape of a Phoenix.


Shofar, a Jewish instrument made from ram's horn.
Donated by pianist John Elliott

Tenor Cornamuse

Tenor Cornamuse - a double reed instrument dating from the Renaissance period.
Donated by Vickie Hobson


Bombard, a traditional Breton instrument of the Shawm family.
Donated by Ian Wishart


The "pipe of conviviality", otherwise known as the Crumhorn.