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Photo Gallery 4 - Theatre


I'll never manage to twirl my moustache at this rate

simple country lad

Just a simple country lad

The Celtic Story

The Celtic Story - John alongside Dorothy Paul

The Feast of The Pheasant

John, as narrator, welcoming the nobles to The Feast of The Pheasant at the Tramway in 1990
Based on a banquet given by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy in 1454 in Lille, to promote a crusade against the Turks


Peace be with you my son!
John in the pulpit of a medieaval church in Heart and Stone

Headless in Eden

Headless in Eden


Michael Nardoni asks if Michael O'Connor, John, and Robert Willox want a drink in Peribanez

The Feast of The Pheasant

Charging into battle with Rory
The Feast of The Pheasant

The Celtic Story

Learning from the old pros in The Celtic Story

The Thrie Estaites

Fourth Estaite member plays The Thrie Estaites


John plays Jock, a sound engineer with a glengarry, in A Play a Pie and a Pint - with Johnny Bett


The Wigs have it - The Border Warfare cast show off their coiffure

The oath of the Golden Fleece

The oath of the Golden Fleece
The Feast of The Pheasant

Anne Lannon

With Anne Lannon in The Shutter Falls - 1984

No Mr Bond

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die

The Big Picnic

The Big Picnic

Apple Turnover

Apple Turnover should always be a little underdone Madam! - John with Corinne Harris and Robert Williamson in Headless in Eden


Hit my truncheon wi yer head would yer?

Fiddling on the Roof

Fiddling on the Roof


Next time I'll get a louder accordian

No Pie for you Rory!

No Pie for you Rory!
The Feast of The Pheasant

fanfare for the bishop

A fanfare for the bishop - John as Bishop Wishart in Border Warfare for TV in 1989

With John Bett, Sylvester McCoy & Michael Nardone - Edinburgh Fringe

Committee for discovering the Benefits of Brexit

Rehearals for Harmony Row

Gingerly working through the script!
Rehearsals for Harmony Row with Wildcat Theatre in 1989