Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 2 - Music

4 part harmony - Cafe Graffiti

Cafe Graffiti's harmonious quartet - at the Caley Cinema in 1984
John, Julia Gordon-Smith, Pete Baines, and Pat O'Connell

Country Cowboys - Cafe Graffiti

Country Cowboys - Ranald McKechnie, Pete Baines and John at Cafe Grafitti in 1984

Celtic Story rehearsal

Rehearsing for The Celtic Story in 1988 John, Steve Ketley, and Lesley Robertson

Corinne Harris and Robert Pettigrew

with Corinne Harris and Robert Pettigrew in Z-Studios

Stuart Hanratty and John

Knights Hospitallers - Stuart Hanratty and John entertaining in hospitals

Trumpet on SS Graffiti

The Naturals always love John's trumpet playing!
Cafe Graffiti 1984

Stoker O'Connell and John

Stoker O'Connell and a salty old sea-dog on the SS Graffiti


Party time in Peribanez

John and Stewart

John with the much-missed Stewart Hanratty

John during rehearsals

John in pensive mood during rehearsals

the SS Graffiti had a trumpet player

The Titanic had a string quartet - the SS Graffiti had a trumpet player

Threepenny Opera

Rehearsals for the Threepenny Opera

Absolutely Legless Irish Dancers

Legless in the Alps - John on tour with Absolutely Legless Irish Dancers


Mali Harries and John produce some vibrant music in Peribanez

Alpine Horn

Ok now how do I light it?

wedding of Sheriff George Way

Playing at the wedding of Sheriff George Way

John and Nick McCarthy

A famous musician... and some guy from Franz Ferdinand!

Jamming with the charming Nick McCarthy at a birthday party for Bob Ross' father.
Guitar, French Horn, Trumpet and Bagpipes is a combination you don't hear every day!

John with Mike Marra and Bill Murdoch

The Moon's a Balloon? - John with Mike Marra and Bill Murdoch working on Sweeney Todd


Makossa at the Guildford Arms

John and Stewart

With Stewart Hanratty

John recording

Recording in Z-Studios

How come he doesn't have to wear a silly hat?
Brass Tracks filming Rillington Place for the BBC

A garden of earthly delights!
John and Wendy Weatherby

Playing trumpet with Makossa

Playing trumpet with Makossa at Stramash

Brass Tracks 2023

Brass Tracks 2023

Playing recorder at the French Institute

Playing at the French Institute in Edinburgh, 2023

Conch Shell

Latest instrument - a Trumpet Triton Shell
It's said that if you put it to your ear you can hear La Mer
Any composers up for writing a Concherto ?!

with Paul Mealor

In Stirling playing with composer Paul Mealor & Finlay Hetherington

Bruntsfield Baroque

Bruntsfield Baroque going fully authentic