Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 3 - Natural Theatre Company

Eat Me

You Are What You Eat - the Natural Theatre Co. production of Eat Me!
This was the first show after John joined them, and included him reading a recipe for Sheep's Head Soup.

Scarlatti's Revenge

Rule Scarlatti!

John and Pat lead the audience participation during Scarlatti's Revenge

3 Tenors

Luciano Sampson leads the Three Tenors in Scarlatti's Revenge

Street theatre

Street theatre with the Naturals


Bach and Handel always enjoyed their wine before a concert


Piccolo Trumpet

A little night music - Bach plays the Piccolo Trumpet during Scarlatti's Revenge


Nanny keeps our naughty composers in check - Scarlatti in Paradise

Trumpet in paradise

The bad news is they have trumpet playing in paradise

The King and I

The King and I

Impish Adornments from Hell

Impish Adornments from Hell

John and Ralph

Waiting for George

A Medieval Minstrel

A Medieval Minstrel who has a way with the ladies

The postman always blows twice

The postman always blows twice

Young man with a horn

Young man with a horn!

Dark Island

Two spiritualist ladies conjour a Dark Island

Vocal warm-up

Vocal warm-up on the Scarlatti in Paradise tour 2004

Relaxing in the hotel

Relaxing in the hotel in Hamburg mid-tour
John with stage manager Dave behind