Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 1 - Early Years

Early community theatre

Maybe "Geronimo the Musical" wasn't such a good idea

Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop Band in rehearsals 1978

Fourth Estate

Fourth Estaite in perfect harmony - 1975

Rab Handleigh, Robin Harper, and John

Fourth Estate

Three Mexican Revolutionaries - or maybe it's Fourth Estaite

Fourth Estate

Fourth Estaite in York - stripes were in that year!

Rab Handleigh, Duncan Brown, Robin Harper, John

Fourth Estate

Psychedelic Folk - Fourth Estaite playing The Servant of Twa Maisters at the Lyceum in 1977

Fourth Estate with Fiona Kennedy

Fiona Kennedy tries not to laugh at Fourth Estaite's headgear

very young John

Proof that trumpet players are descended from fish! - The cheeky grin hasn't changed a bit

Crumhorn at the Afton

Crumhorn on a Sunday afternoon - the Afton Hotel

John and Pat

Letting Pat do the work

Pat O'Connell and John - a double act that has lasted decades


Evening cabaret in the Afton

John and Robin Harper

Green grow the rushes oh

John with future MSP Robin Harper - who has notably adopted a more politically acceptable haircut!

2 recorders

Do I get twice the fee for this?

Pat and John

Do you think we'll get the parts in Casino Royale?

Assembly Rooms promo

Promoting the Assembly Rooms shows Pete Gordon-Smith, Brian Mulligan, John and Simpson Pirie