Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Videos - Scarlatti

John became famous for his work with the Natural Theatre Company - particulary their series of hilarious shows based on the life of Dominico Scarlatti in which John often played in the persona of Johann Sebastian Bach. These shows toured in Europe for many years - particularly in Germany where the cast, and John in particular, became very well-known. These videos are taken from some of those tours.
There are further videos of John with various other musicians here.

Paganini Variations

John playing his unique version of the Paganini Variations with Pat and the Naturals during one of the Scarlatti shows

John playing two Scarlatti Encores

John plays a beguiling female opera singer before switching to his Bach persona in two encores from Scarlatti's Revenge

John's Transformation - Scarlatti's Birthday Party

John goes from janitor to gentleman while playing multiple instruments

Magic of the Movies Medley

John and Pat from Scarlatti's Revenge

On Every Flute known to Mankind

John as Johann Sebastian Bach in the competition to see who is the best composer from Scarlatti's Revenge by the Natural Theatre Company

The Three Tenors, Scarlatti's Revenge 1999

John reveals unsuspected singing skills as he plays one of the legendary trio in the Natural's third Scarlatti extravaganza

Scarlatti`s Birthday Party, German TV 1992

Scarlatti`s Birthday Party, German TV 1985

Natural Theatre Yokels 1983 on STV

The Naturals in non-Scarlatti roles for a change.