Virtuoso Musician and Actor


Photo Gallery 1

  • 4thestate2-550
    Fourth Estaite in York - stripes were in that year!
  • Cafe1-550
    Cafe Graffiti's harmonious quartet - John, Julia Gordon-Smith, Pete Baines, and Pat O'Connell
  • John2rec550
    Schitzophrenia is always a crowd pleaser
  • Theatreworkshop-550
    Theatre Workshop Band in rehearsals 1978
  • Afton3-550
    Crumhorn on a Sunday afternoon
  • 4thestate4-550
    4th Estaite in perfect harmony - 1975
  • Afton5-550
    Letting Pat do the work
  • Naturals1-550
    The Naturals always love John's trumpet playing!
  • Patandjohn1-550
    Stoker O'Connell and a salty old sea-dog on the SS Graffiti
  • Blackpool-550h
    Johnny Sampson and the Bath Butcher's Shop Sheep
  • Rab&john1-550
    Fiddling on the Roof
  • Recorder1-550
    John play Bach
  • Thrie-estates-500h
    Beware fools and hobgoblins!
  • John40-20-550
    Hey man, nice suit - John meets John
  • Peribanez2-550
    Mali Harries and John produce some vibrant music in Peribanez
  • Sweeney-todd-0592-550
    The Moon's a Balloon? - John with Mike Marra and Bill Murdoch working on Sweeney Todd
  • Mixture-2010 Feb-057-550
    One show to go - with Stuart Watson, MD on A Xmas Carol in Dundee
  • John with actress Edith MacArthur
    John with actress Edith MacArthur
  • Fish and Brass Tracks
    John and Brass Tracks during the recording of Fish's latest album